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  • About Your Pet Online...

    Introducing the Latest Online Pet Multi Media Platform in the Market

    Your Pet Online is a new online brand with a new promise: to inform educate, engage and entertain the huge - and growing - number of pet owners in the UK.

    Independent research carried out by distribution giant, Comag Specialist, demonstrates that pet magazines distributed via the traditional news stand route to market hit a steady decline during the period between 2010 and 2015, with many readers switching to web-based information sites and free literature from pet stores as a substitute. This comes at at a time when the number of pet owners in the UK is increasing.

    Back in 2015, the UK pet population was estimated at 9 million dogs and 7.9 million cats. Roughly 50% of UK households owned a pet, with over 21 million pets owned (excluding fish) in total. Of that 50%, 80% own more than one pet, with an average of 3 pets per household.

    Cue Your Pet Online - a new online brand with a new promise: to inform educate, engage and entertain the huge, and growing, number of pet owners in the UK. With the bi-monthly Your Pet Magazine as its predecessor, Life Media Group’s original product was a distributed as a printed publications to pet owners, families, breeders and customers of UK veterinary surgeries across the country. Your Pet Magazine’s high production values made it hard to ignore, and this is something we aim to continue and improve upon with our new online platform. With our new, unique and targeted model, we’re confident that whatever is read, it will not disappoint!

    Producing quality, independent and informed content for a discerning and caring audience

    The content provided via Your Pet Online is entirely independent and ranges across a broad spread of popular animals, with larger sections dedicated to popular types such as cats and dogs, while other sections come in the form of regular features covering small animal breeds, reptiles, fish and wildlife. Packed with activities, training resources, competitions and a pet gallery, Your Pet Online has it all.

    Jess Saunders, Editor

    Promotional Opportunities

    We are available to meet with you to discuss how we can help your brand to reach the appropriate audience through bespoke creative solutions, such as:

    • Sponsored editorial features

    • Case studies

    • Product and event Reviews

    • Web based promotion - on the Your Pet website, mailing list distribution and on social media platforms.

    We are always happy to discuss tailored packages, based on the needs of our clients activity.

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