Your Pet - 15th Aug 2017

Tried & Tested: FroliCat ® DART DUO™

Tried & Tested: FroliCat ® DART DUO™

Your Pet Online continues with our weekly reviews, and this time around Production Manager, Amy Watson gives her feedback on the PetSafe® Brand FroliCat® DART DUO™ Automatic Rotating Laser Light

DART DUO ™ toy is an automatic rotating light with 1 lasers for shared play with multiple cats. Place the toy on the floor, turn it on and watch them play! Two lasers move in a circle, darting and switching directions in random patterns. The unpredictable movement entices your pets to dart, pounce and chase the red dot. Each laser spins in a circle on opposite sides so pets aren’t competing for the same laser. Four adjustable speed and four timer settings create 16 engaging play combinations.

“I may have mentioned previously, that Belle is an indoor cat. So we like to ensure there are plenty of toys around to keep her entertained and help her to exercise. In terms of ease, this toy is perfect for keeping her amused.

“I already knew that Belle loved lasers before receiving this product, as we own a laser pen. Though this of course means me sitting around and playing with it, with her to keep her entertained. The FroliCat® DART DUO™however, does this all on it’s own and with just a touch of a button, she’s free to play for as long as she pleases. The buttons on top allow you to adjust the speed and set a timer, for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes of playtime, which is great if you’re planning on leaving your cat unattended without having to worry about it being left turned on.

“My only negatives would be that The FroliCat® DART DUO™ runs off 3 x AAA batteries; it’s a slight shame it doesn’t have the option to run off the mains. Also I can imagine that after prolonged use, these batteries won’t last for very long. It is also quite noisy, Belle was very cautious at first, but soon warmed to it after having it turned on for a while.

“Although the FroliCat® DART DUO™ is primarily for cats, I wouldn’t rule out the purchase for dogs also. Let’s be honest, what pet can resist a laser darting around the room? Overall, I would say the FroliCat® DART DUO™ is one of Belle’s favorite toys, and one of mine. Its ease of use enables her to play freely whether I’m around or not.”


The PetSafe® Brand FroliCat® DART DUO™ is available for £24.99 from

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