Your Pet - 21st Aug 2017

Tried & Tested: Pet Angel

Tried & Tested: Pet Angel

Your Pet Online continues with the weekly reviews, and this time around Production Manager, Amy Watson gives her feedback on the Pet Angel Brush by Tangle Angel. The subject of this review is none other than Your Pet’s very own Belle

After 5 years of innovative scientific development, Tangle Angel’s comprehensive range makes it the go-to brush for complete hair solutions. Tested on humans, they’ve also developed Pet Angel for hygienic, pain-free detangling. Produced and designed by Richard Ward, hairdresser to many celebrities worldwide. The Pet Angel is 99.9% antibacterial and water resistant. Tangle Angel is designed to deliver you (and even your pets!) heaven sent hair.

“I am someone that is familiar with ‘tangle’ brushes, which is essentially a small handheld brush designed to detangle hair at home and on-the-go. So I was delighted to find out that Tangle Angel not only offers hair solutions for humans, but for pets as well. And with Belle being a long-haired cat, I am always open to trying new brushes to help tame her coat.”

“After unpackaging the Pet Angel, one of the first things I noticed was the size and quality of the product. It is quite a large brush, the same size as one I would use for myself. It has a large plastic handle, and looks exactly the same as a normal hairbrush, with hard plastic bristles for detangling. It’s also a pale pink colour designed in the shape of a paw, which looks great. Upon the first grooming with the Pet Angel, I can’t say that I removed huge amounts of hair or knots, as she is fairly well groomed already. However, it seemed Belle thoroughly enjoyed the feel of it massaging her head. In terms of pampering, I’d say this is Belle’s favorite brush to date.”

“Overall, I can say the Pet Angel is esthetically great, fit for a princess. It also works great for gently massaging her head and body. I would highly recommend the Pet Angel, priced at £14.99 it is reasonable considering there is no reason this bush shouldn’t last a very long time.”

The Pet Angel is available for £14.99 from

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