Your Pet - 26th Sep 2017

Tried & Tested: XL Cork Pet Collar

Tried & Tested: XL Cork Pet Collar

Your Pet Online continues with our weekly reviews, and this time around Production Manager, Amy Watson gives her feedback on the XL Cork Pet Collar

XLCORK was founded in 2010 by award winning designer, Stewart Rose. From  day one we have designed and manufactured products that are innovative, stylish, but most importantly practical. The range continues to expand with the Cork Collar, which is available in three sizes, small, medium and large. The new range of Cork Pet Collars have a soft black lining of PU leather and brass coloured buckle. They’re made from 100 per cent cork, so they’re flexible, strong and comfortable – perfect for the fashion-conscious pup or feline.

“Well, let’s begin by mentioning the fact that this collar is made of cork! Cork has material properties, which make it a great choice for a dog collar.  It is flexible, waterproof, durable and fire resistant. The collar has a buckle to fasten it, and another hoop to attach a nametag, and a lead. Unfortunately this collar was slightly to big for Lilly, even on the smallest setting, who I would’ve guessed to be a Medium-sized dog, so for safety I would’ve probably opted for a small size.”

“With its modern, but natural look, the collar itself is a lovely design. Despite its light color, it still enough to stand out against the dogs light fur. Overall, I’d say the product is also quite good value for money considering the quality and durability of the materials used.”

XL Cork Pet Collar is available from £10 via

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